8 Point Inspection

Get more from your ultra-precision diamond turning tools
with an 8-point tooling inspection from M10 Edge

If your diamond tooling performance is not optimal, or consistent between tools, you might just need a re-lap repair. There could also be fundamental errors in the construction of the diamond tool such as improper diamond type, orientation and alignment for the specific material you are machining. Whatever the case, M10 Edge has a vast knowledge of diamond tool manufacturing, combined with the in-house diamond tool development and proving ground to guarantee your success.

Send us your problem tool.

Tell us about your problem diamond tool's application: Material and approximate part diameter. We will assess the tool for the specific application using our comprehensive 8-point inspection service. Your M10 Edge 8-point inspection will evaluate:

  1. Waviness
  2. Remaining life
  3. Top rake quality
  4. Diamond quality
  5. Crystal orientation
  6. Crystal alignment quality
  7. Braze area and quality
  8. Shank material analysis

Receive an honest assessment of your options.

Based on our findings—and the task you’re looking for the tool to do—you’ll receive a detailed inspection report with:

  1. Repair recommendations and pricing, or
  2. A recommended M10 Edge tooling replacement and pricing.

Take advantage of a generous trade-in deal.

Your current tool could be valuable, even if it can’t be repaired. When you receive your inspection report, we’ll also provide a trade-in value for your existing tool if we recommend an M10 replacement.