About Us

The name M10 was picked with the mission of providing our customers with the strongest cutting edge as defined by the highest number of the Mohs Hardness Scale.

By partnering with Micro-LAM, Inc., M10 gains access to significant innovation and intellectual property, enabling M10 to deliver the desired value propositions to its customers. In addition, M10 also gains access to a full complement of in-house diamond turning machines and optical metrology equipment, backed by a high-powered engineering staff and decades of diamond tool manufacturing experience. All in an environment that will not compromise our customer's intellectual properties or competitive advantage. This gives an immense advantage over our competition with our inherent and unique understanding of our customer's needs and challenges through our collective years of experience with diamond turning. Combining the tooling innovations along with the above expertise perfectly positioned to provide high value diamond tools and world class repair service, using a customer collaborative approach to overcome today's optical fabrication challenges.

M10’s headquarters is strategically located in Stevenage, UK with complementary production and repair capabilities in Michigan, USA.

A facility in China to service tools for our customers in Asia will be launching soon.

Industries Served

Micro-LAM Tools

Micro-LAM laser assisted tools require additional attention to detail, M10 possesses the knowledge and quality control for the most demanding of tools. As a preferred supplier to Micro-LAM, customers can be certain about tool quality.

Electro Optics

Ultra-precision diamond tools are supplied to produce complex parts from crystals, metals and plastics. Specially selected natural and synthetic diamonds are paired with solid shanks to produce an optimized tool.

Spectacle Lens/Contact Lens/IOL

Proudly supplying pristine diamond tools to industries positively impacting the vision and life quality of human beings. Tools are supplied with a natural or synthetic diamond, paired with a customized solid shank or insert type tool.